Amazon Prime members and B&H shoppers can get Sony Xperia X Performance for $300 if they hurry

Forget the “regular” Xperia X with Snapdragon 650 inside that B&H Photo Video sells at a relatively inexpensive $250, and don’t beat yourself up if you missed Amazon’s $367 Sony Xperia X Performance deal from a couple of weeks ago.

The same Snapdragon 820-powered 5-inch phone is on sale again today at both B&H and Amazon, setting you back a totally irresistible $299.99. The catch? The former retailer has a countdown timer attached to the 24 hour-limited bargain, while the latter only offers the X Performance at that ultra-low price in white for Prime members.

All the other colors are $379 and up, so if you’d rather get the device coated in graphite black, rose gold or lime gold, take your business to the competition and you’ll spend a measly three Benjamins. The F8131 model is of course unlocked, GSM-compatible and 4G LTE-capable, as well as covered by a standard 1-year US warranty.

In addition to the aforementioned beastly processor of yesteryear, which is still pretty fast and furious, the Sony Xperia X Performance also has 3GB RAM going, a Full HD compact screen, expandable 32GB storage, 23 and 13MP cameras, as well as Android 7.1.1 (!!!) Nougat software.

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