Amazon Offering $100 Gift Card For Hotspot-Capable Android Phones

Amazon keeps bringing home more deals. This time, we’re not getting phones for a buck, but if you still couldn’t manage to get your hands on the next-best-thing in Android goodness for the holidays, they’ve got a new deal, with a catch.

Buy any Hotspot-ready Smartphone and you’ll get a $100 Gift Card. The catch here is that you’ll have to purchase the phone with the Hotspot feature activated in order to get the $100. Now obviously this feature is currently limited to only good phones, mostly LTE capable, so it’s not like if you’re loosing money here. Here’s a full list with all the links to help you make up your mind:

Verizon Phones:

1. Droid RAZR: $169.99 with contract

2. HTC Rezound: $149.99 with contract

3. Droid Bionic: $49.99 with contract (No $100 gift card here, sorry)

4. Droid Charge: $0.01 with contract (No $100 gift card here, sorry)

Sprint Phones:

1. Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G: $79.99 with contract

2. Photon 4G: $49.99 with contract

And yeah, as you noticed, the list only includes Verizon and Sprint phones. We’ll keep a lookout for any AT&T and T-Mobile devices, but for now, $100 in your pocket is always better than in Amazon’s, right?

Via: AndroidSPIN

Source: Amazon

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