On the first day of Amazon’s Black Friday blowout my true love sent to me: a $35 Fire 7 tablet. Okay, so it doesn’t rhyme, and it may not have the same ring to it as the classical Christmas song, but it’s just one of the many dozens of discount examples unveiled by the American e-commerce giant two days before the deals will start pouring in.

Wait, but isn’t Thanksgiving next Thursday, and Black Friday the day after, i.e. November 27? Technically, yes, only retailers have been trying for a while now to expand the traditionally busiest shopping day of the year to cover as much of the “black month” as possible.

And if some can kick off promotions several weeks ahead of November’s end, why wouldn’t Amazon also try to stay on the radar of bargain hunters for eight straight days? Get ready to spend every dime you’ve saved this year, as the Kindle Paperwhite will soon drop from $120 to $100, the Fire Kids Edition shall cost $85 after a $15 trim, and the Fire TV is set to bring a cool $25 deduction.

Other noteworthy electronics deals should see an unnamed 15-inch Asus laptop sold for a measly $129, select Acer desktops, monitors, Chromebooks, and tablets offered at up to 40 percent off, and Samsung Galaxy slates cutting their prices by “more” than 20 percent.

The Jawbone Up3 fitness tracker currently priced at $150 will cost $100 before long, an Intel-powered 2-in-1 Dell notebook is on the brink of a $100 rebate, and SanDisk memory cards and USB flash drives will be available at up to 70 percent off their regular tags.

Starting this Friday, November 20, Amazon will be refreshing deals as often as every five minutes through the 27, with 10 “coveted” day-long promos in effect from midnight on Thanksgiving, and 10 more on the actual Black Friday. Just remember you’ll also need to eat in the next few months, and without money, you can’t get food.

Source: Amazon

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