If you’re not too keen on waiting for the already unveiled Nokia 5.1 to (potentially) come to the US, or the higher-end 5.1 Plus to get a global announcement, you can go right ahead and pre-order the modestly priced Nokia 3.1 stateside.

Listed as “coming soon” to B&H Photo Video starting just last week, the low to mid-end 5.2-incher looks set to ship to early Amazon adopters from July 2. That might be the Android One handset’s official release date in the region… or not, since HMD still features a very short list of US-available phones at nokia.com/en_us, merely including the 6.1, 6, 2 and rebooted 3310 with 3G connectivity.

Both Amazon and B&H want $159 for a GSM unlocked Nokia 3.1 unit in black/chrome, blue/copper or white/iron color combos, although the former retailer has the white variant out of stock, which still means you can “order now” and they’ll “deliver when available.”

B&H can make no specific promises regarding shipping times, mind you, but on the bright side, a small gift is currently being offered with Nokia 3.1 pre-orders. Namely, a 5200mAh PNY Technologies portable battery pack, typically worth $8.95, although technically listed at a “regular price” of $19.95.

But you probably don’t have to worry about the 5.2-incher’s out-the-box battery life, considering its decent 2990 mAh cell size, as well as frugal HD+ display and octa-core MediaTek MT6750 processor. The rest of the specs are overall adequate, from 2 gigs of RAM to 16GB internal storage space, a single 13MP rear-facing camera, 8MP selfie shooter, secure and up-to-date Android 8.0 experience, and “diamond-cut” aluminum sides.

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