Amazon Music Unlimited audio streaming service quickly spreads to the UK, Germany and Austria

The busiest time of year for Amazon’s main area of expertise has officially kicked off both on American and British shores, but the e-commerce giant isn’t pausing its increasingly ambitious efforts to gain more relevance in various hardware and software segments either.

Fire tablets and Echo smart speakers should sell like hotcakes this holiday season, and alongside them, Amazon hopes to also boost Prime memberships and especially early Music Unlimited adoption.

Not entirely satisfied with Spotify or Apple Music’s bang for buck in the US, UK, Germany or Austria? “Premium” Amazon Music Unlimited monthly service costs as little as $3.99 stateside for a good few weeks now, expanding to the other three aforementioned markets today at similarly irresistible prices.

Namely, £3.99 a month in Great Britain for use on a single Echo or Echo Dot, £7.99 as far as Prime customers with phones, tablets or PCs are concerned, and £9.99 for everyone else. Across the board, you’ll be getting 24/7, uninterrupted access to a rich library of over 40 million songs and thousands of hand-curated playlists and personalized stations “not just at the tips of your fingers, but also on the tip of your tongue.”

Yup, in case you forgot, the other global Amazon Music Unlimited key selling point is Alexa. You can ask your own personal assistant for a hands-free selection of “party music”, for instance, “happy music” or even search and play that song that goes “I was doing just fine before I met you.”

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