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Amazon Music gets on Android Wear in app update

By Jules Wang October 30, 2015, 4:03 pm

Amazon’s last move regarding anything Google was a pretty mean one. Not only would it not support sending music from its app over to Chromecast, but it took Chromecast off of its marketplace. But it seems as though while that bad blood is sticking around, the Android ecosystem still needs that Amazon Music support.

The big updates in version 4.6.6? Android Wear playback control support. Finally, you can pause, play, and skip between tracks from your Android smartwatch!

Interface-wise, we have a couple of new tabs: “New to Prime” and “Popular.” Also, artist profile pages are now up. The UK is also receiving lyric support, something which the US currently has.

We’ve yet to see the Play Store update for ourselves, but it’s rolling out as this comes to press.

Download: Amazon Music (Play Store)
Via: Android Central

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