Amazon sells Moto G4 Prime Exclusive edition for lowest prices yet: $120 with 16GB storage, $130 in 32 gig version

Just because Prime Day is officially behind us, and the holiday shopping season still a ways off, it doesn’t mean Amazon will stop all of a sudden trying to incentivize new Prime members with hefty discounts on great smartphones, new and old.

The growingly popular “Prime Exclusive” program recently welcomed a number of next-generation killer bargains, so naturally, a few previous models need a fresh round of price cuts to stay, or rather return, in the limelight.

Like clockwork, the ad-supported Moto G4 has taken a dive to all-time low retail costs of $120 with 16GB internal storage and $130 in a 32 gig configuration. Obviously, the latter provides the best value, although both variants also feature microSD card slots, as well as identical screens, processors, RAM counts and cameras.

Now, the G4 is vastly inferior to the G5 Plus in almost every way (except for display size), but it’s actually the E4 that’s closer to last year’s top mid-ranger in pricing right now. With lockscreen “offers”, the Moto E4 sets you back $99.99, but for only 30 extra bucks, the G4 sports a larger, sharper panel, faster SoC and twice the local digital hoarding room.

Best Buy, mind you, still sells the unlocked 16GB Moto G4 at a whopping $180, and despite Amazon’s software meddling, the Prime Exclusive Edition does run Android Nougat, also supporting every GSM and CDMA carrier around, full 4G LTE compatibility and everything.

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