Nowadays, it is very common to receive news concerning coronavirus. It is now present in several countries, and everybody is trying their best to keep it from growing out of control. This virus has even canceled MWC 2020, and it has pushed back the launch of several smartphones. It may even delay the arrival of the iPhone 9 and iPhone 12 by several months. Now, it seems that it may also affect Amazon’s next Prime Day.

Amazon hasn’t given us a specific date for this year’s Prime Day, but we know that it’s already thinking about how the coronavirus outbreak may or may not affect its sales. According to a new report from The New York Times, Amazon is trying to avoid disruptions, and it’s aware that many of its third-party sellers have supply chains that depend on China. Amazon could’ve even sent emails to their sellers to understand the impact of the coronavirus on business operations.

“Hello! We have identified that part of your supply chain process might be China dependent and in light of the coronavirus outbreak effecting manufacturing and logistics in China, we are reaching out to you to understand its impact on your business operations.”

It’s unclear the impact that the coronavirus may or may not have on Prime Day 2020. Still, third-party sellers make up around 60% of Amazon’s business, and Amazon is trying to ensure that everybody has enough stock to supply the demand that comes with this event. Luckily, Prime Day usually takes place in July, so Amazon has enough time to get things ready.

Source Android Central

Via The New York Times

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