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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite manga model has room for more than Naruto

By Jules Wang October 18, 2016, 3:42 pm

So, you’ve got your Evangelion smartphone and you’re all set for Fire Emblem on it any day now… but so far, there hasn’t been a go-to solution for digital manga reading. You know, something your eyes can easily take, can last a long time and can carry a few of your tankoubons.

Well, Amazon.co.jp has come to the rescue with a Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, cartoon edition. Yes, we’re covering another Japan-exclusive device.

For ¥16,280 ($157) or ¥12,280 ($118) for Prime members, you get a 32GB e-reader with all the advantages of E Ink: easy visibility in a variety of ambient light conditions and weeks-long battery life.


You also get eight times the average e-reader’s storage capacity. All 72 volumes of Naruto would leave an echo (ha) in this thing. In fact, you could deaden the echo with about 700 volumes from the Kindle Store’s millions of Japanese titles. Plus, 33 percent faster page turns for shorter waits for all that ink to change around — definitely a must for richer manga pages.

Shipping begins October 21.

Source: Amazon.co.jp (1, 2)
Via: Engadget


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