Amazon Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 (and other tablets) (Video)

The last in our video review series on the Amazon Kindle Fire is a comparison with other tablet hardware. We have a HTC Flyer, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and an iPad 2 on hand for the analysis. Overall, the Amazon Kindle Fire is a fantastic device for the price and hopefully will lead to reducing the gap between Android and iOS tablets.

Since this device was not intended to be a true Android tablet (although, with a little tweaking, you can certainly make it such), it is difficult to compare the specs vs specs. It is interesting to note that with Amazon’s strong infrastructure, this is the first device that can actually begin to compete with Apple’s product offerings. But while Apple is focused on selling us both the hardware and the experience, Amazon seems to be focused more on the experience, and letting you enjoy said fruits from any number of Amazon and non-Amazon devices.

Our final score for this Amazon Kindle Fire? A 3.5 out of 5.


– Bright screen

– Strong ecosystem for content

– Solid build

– Great battery life

– Price


– Only 8GB of storage (with no expansion options)

– Still not any comparison to the iPad 2 (but why would you)

– Stereo speakers located on the same side

You can purchase the Amazon Kindle Fire for $199 from

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