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2020 saw the rise of a new category of social media — live audio rooms. The first one to come up with the idea was Clubhouse, a well-known social media of this field, which was then followed by Twitter Spaces, Facebook, Spotify, and even Reddit just blatantly copying the idea into their apps. According to a new report, Amazon is also preparing a live audio business behind the scenes.

According to a new report from Axios, the Silicon giant is reportedly heavily investing in a new live audio feature. Amazon’s Music division is reportedly paying podcast networks, musicians, and celebrities to use the service for “live conversations, shows, and events.” The report says that Amazon is looking to host live concerts or performances in Amazon Music at first, with the possibility of recording them. At some point, the feature may be expanded to live radio or podcast programs. The company is also looking to integrate live audio features into its game streaming service, Twitch.

It’s no surprise Amazon is looking to enter the new space. 2020 saw the rise of so many giants, and its growth hasn’t settled yet. Users continue to join these platforms every day, and now Amazon is looking to jump trains. The company is also known to be entering the podcast space soon.

Amazon may offer its live audio services to all the Prime customers at no extra cost, but we don’t have news whether the feature will be integrated into Amazon Music or it will have a separate app. Would you be interested in using a live audio app from Amazon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Via: Axios

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