Amazon takes Huawei Watch deals to the next level, offering up to $220 savings

One of the world’s costliest, glitziest Android Wear timepieces has been treated to so many discounts lately that we almost forgot both a revised Apple Watch and increasingly independent new wave of Google-endorsed wearables are likely right around the corner.

Of course, that’s precisely why the first-generation Huawei Watch is starting to feel quite reasonably priced all of a sudden, at $250 and up instead of $350 across various US retailers. But only one can shave as much as $220 off the MSRP of a premium model, namely Amazon, which currently sells the Huawei Watch in a gold plated stainless steel flavor with a matching link band for $580, down from $800.

Not a fan of excess gold yet still want to save two Benjamins or so? The rose gold plated stainless steel configuration, paired with a more tasteful, subtler brown suture leather strap, will set you back “just” $500 instead of the standard $700.

Meanwhile, lower-profile, less attention-grabbing versions like silver stainless steel ones cost $300 after $100 trims, and finally, a similar Huawei Watch coated entirely in black goes for $350, down from $450. Why isn’t this relatively affordable bad boy more popular than the Apple Watch again?

Source: Amazon

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