Amazon has started selling BLU smartphones again

Miami-based smartphone company BLU has called the five-day sales stoppage that Amazon instated for its unlocked phones as a matter all about “a false alarm”. The company told Pocketnow that its devices were back on sale on the e-marketplace.

An Amazon spokesperson sent us this statement:

If we receive information that could potentially impact our customers’ experience, we may temporarily make a product unavailable for purchase. Based on communication with the manufacturer, BLU Products, we have resumed selling BLU devices on For more information, customers should contact BLU Products customer service at 1-877-602-8762 or [email protected].

BLU smartphones often top the most popular unlocked devices list on Amazon.

The phone maker — along with its device firmware provider, Shanghai Adups — have vigorously defended against claims from security research firm Kryptowire that Adups is able to pull innumerable amounts of data such as SMS logs and screen captures from BLU devices and send it all to the Chinese entity’s servers across the Pacific. Adups says that the data is deleted, but we don’t know what is done with the data in the interim.

The two companies have claimed that they have addressed issues that were found in an initial report in November with Google and Kryptowire and that the latest accusations, laid at a presentation at Black Hat convention in Las Vegas, were of no consequence as the “absolutely normal” behaviors were outlined in BLU’s privacy policy and “that the data collected is a fraction of what other OEM’s or carriers collect on mobile devices.”

We have reached out to BLU, Shanghai Adups and Kryptowire for further comment on this story, so you can count on continued coverage if and when we get word back.


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