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Amazon gives you 6 months of Disney+ with Amazon Music Unlimited subscription

By Roland Udvarlaki June 30, 2021, 9:00 am

Amazon often offers some truly amazing perks that make you want to sign up to the company’s Prime service. This time, Amazon is trying to get you hooked on Amazon Music Unlimited by offering Disney+. The tech giant has also launched its own gaming service called Amazon Luna not that long ago.

Amazon has put up a new offer on its website with a really great perk, if you’re into watching movies and tv shows. It comes bundled with Disney+ for 6 months for new Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers. Current users only get 3 months. Disney+ has a massive library of Disney, Marvel Lucasfilm (Star Wars) and more content. The service launched back in 2019 and is available in many countries worldwide. It already has more than 100 million active subscribers.


Disney+ on its own costs $8 a month, which means that if you would want to also get Amazon Music Unlimited, you would have to pay an additional $8 a month. That’s $16, there are some savings here that’s worth thinking about, if you have been wondering about trying out one or the other service.As always, this trial period allows you to get a taste and see if you like the service, if you don’t like it or prefer not to use it, you can cancel at the end, or continue at the normal price.

The promotion is currently only available in the US and Canada. Disney+ itself is available in many countries including many EU countries, India, Japan, Latin America and more.

Are you currently an Amazon Prime subscriber? How many services tv and music services are you subscribed to, or how many have you tried so far? Let us know in the comments.

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