Amazon takes $35 off Fitbit Charge 2, $19 off Flex 2 in surprising pre-order deals

Less than 24 hours after Fitbit officially announced a pair of long overdue new entry-level wearable devices at seemingly reasonable $100 to $150 prices, Amazon quietly (and incredibly) decided to undercut the activity tracker manufacturer’s pre-order rates.

These are the retailer’s own Fitbit Charge 2 and Flex 2 listings, mind you, and Amazon will take care of delivery when the products arrive, with no shady third-party sellers involved. What’s the catch then?

Well, we wouldn’t exactly call it a catch, but while Fitbit expects to start shipping the second-gen Charge “within a week”, and the Flex 2 in “late September”, Amazon mentions nothing of ETAs. Also, the latter vendor’s Fitbit Flex 2 color selection is limited to lavender and black, compared to the OEM’s wider collection of finishes, including magenta and navy too.

If the two small caveats aren’t enough to scare you off Amazon, you should hurry and order your heavily discounted $81.32 Fitbit Flex 2 or $115 Charge 2 copies before it’s too late. This has to be a limited-time offer, and the prices could be jacked back up to MSRP standards any minute now. In the meantime, you’re looking at $19 or 19 percent and $35 or 23 percent savings respectively. Not too shabby for already enticing fitness bands that literally just saw daylight.

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