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The Amazon Fire Phone wasn’t met with the best reception, even right out of the gate. Even before getting their hands on the device, many have called it “gimmicky,” and other words of that nature — and that may be justified, though we don’t know as of this moment. Ratings on Amazon’s own store (ironically) are showing that the Amazon Fire Phone sales have likely been anything but impressive so far.

Since its debut on the Amazon store, the Fire Phone has tanked to the 77th place. Depending on where it debuted, this may not be a huge issue, but it originally had one of the top five positions on the Best Sellers list. To give you an example of how fast it’s dropped, it was at #49 on Monday morning. By Tuesday evening, it sat at #77.

There are a couple caveats to this whole deal, though, so don’t get too distracted by those specific numbers. The phone itself doesn’t ship until July 25 (and as far as we know, reviews of the device have not yet been published to sway consumers toward or away from the phone). Also, it sits in the second position for the best-selling contract phones, just under Samsung’s Galaxy S5.

All hope may not be lost, though things don’t look too great right now for Amazon.

Source: GeekWire
Via: BGR

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