As Amazon’s Fire Phone started reaching its one-year birthday, it was clear the manufacturer was looking to unload old inventory. The smartphone’s initially reception had been mixed, to put it nicely, and we failed to see the handset catch on with users in quite the way Amazon wanted. That’s led to sale after sale, bringing the phone’s price down into a whole different league than the $650 level where we saw the 32GB Fire Phone debut. Last month those discounts reached their lowest point yet, with Amazon selling the unlocked phone for just $160. Today it’s doing itself one better, giving you the chance to score the phone for only $130.

Just like always, buying the Fire Phone bestows upon you a free year of Amazon Prime, itself a nearly $100 value. When you consider the value of that extra, as well accessories like the included earbuds, you’re paying next to nothing for the phone itself.

It’s unclear if Amazon will be able to push Fire Phone prices much lower (and while we can assume it stopped producing new hardware long ago, we’ve no idea just how many unsold units it’s still looking to move), but we’ve got to be scraping the bottom of the barrel here; much lower and it might be cheaper to buy a Fire Phone than to directly buy a year of Amazon Prime on its own.

Source: Amazon
Via: Gawker Media

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