The world’s cheapest tablet is now even cheaper – Amazon Fire 7 for $40

We know, we know, there will always be some no-name Chinese device manufacturer ready to undercut the most absurdly low prices of Western phones and tablets for a few headlines and free publicity. But among the brands that count, the Fire 7 can’t possibly be rivaled in terms of extreme affordability.

Yes, Amazon’s newest 7-incher, based loosely on Android, launched at $50 last fall, quickly dropped to $35 for Black Friday, smashed sales records over the holidays, then went back up to 50 bucks, and is now again sold for a deep discount.

Well, deep is perhaps a bit of a stretch, since you’re looking at measly $10 savings through both Amazon and Best Buy, but from a different perspective, $10 is 20 percent off list, and that’s definitely something worth your attention.

Without special offers, i.e. non-intrusive sponsored screensavers, the Amazon Fire 7 costs $55, which is also $10 off the typical price, while a bundled SanDisk memory card adds only $9 to your total bill with 16GB storage space.

You may badly need the extra digital hoarding room, seeing as how you can merely store 8GB data internally (including the OS and essential system files), though obviously, a microSD card won’t solve the low-res screen deficiency.

If you want, you can always purchase the sharper Fire HD 6 at $100, cough up $150 for the larger Fire HD 8, or take advantage of the Fire HD 10’s current markdown from $230 to $180. In any event, you’ll have to make do without official Google Play support.

Sources: Amazon, Best Buy

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