Amazon finally integrating Alexa into its main shopping app for Android

Alexa isn’t just an app or an ethereal voice inside a speaker — it’s a service from an Amazon server or two or a hundred. And it’s designed to help you get what you want from Amazon. Forget all the skills and whatnot for a second, that’s pretty much what any Echo could do when the speaker was launched two years ago.

Well, it looks like the Amazon app on Android is finally getting that integration with Alexa that always seemed natural in the first place.

Amazon has told TechCrunch that the roll-out will go on through the week. The iOS Amazon app already has this integration.

The Alexa app really only is meant to be a portal to hardware supporting the assistant. The HTC U11 and Huawei Mate 9 have native assistant integrations with the press of a button or a good squeeze. If it weren’t for that easy access, the service would be rendered impotent on its island of an app.

You can have Alexa on the Amazon app tip you off to what you want to buy or go through all the skills to learn about traffic, weather and news summaries — just like you can have it do so wherever else you can access it.

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