You can finally buy the Amazon Echo Show at a nice outright discount of $30

Apart from two-packs, six-packs and other combo deals of the sort, as well as celebratory sales on various special occasions, Amazon very rarely discounts its in-house consumer hardware.

That’s both on account of the Echo family’s steadily growing popularity and the excellent quality – pricing ratio of devices like the Echo Show, all-new Fire HD 10 tablet or refreshed standard Echo at launch.

Outright markdowns are in fact so rare for the e-commerce specialist’s smart speakers that the Echo Show didn’t get a single one during its first five months or so on the market. That finally changes today, no doubt for a limited time only, as the large screen-sporting Alexa device drops slightly from a $229.99 MSRP to $199.99. No need to buy more than one unit, no catches, no strings attached, and you’re not even compelled to get the Echo Show straight from its manufacturer’s e-commerce portal.

A wide range of authorized third-party sellers also charge the discounted two full Benjamins for the time being, including Best Buy, Target and Home Depot, and you’re free to choose between black and white flavors all around the US without having to forgo the 30 bucks deduction.

In the spirit of full disclosure, the Amazon Echo Show recently lost YouTube access while gaining a little Echo Spot brother with similar video playing and video calling functionality that only costs $129.99. In other words, this is a welcomed but somewhat predictable deal. And maybe it’s not a limited-time affair after all.

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