The Echo Look is probably the quirkiest, nichiest Alexa-powered device ever built by Amazon, and similar to the standard first-generation smart speaker that started this unlikely trend, the hands-free camera and “style assistant” was initially limited to a test audience of sorts.

Clearly, the feedback the e-commerce giant received from “invited customers” was largely positive, leading to today’s public US Echo Look launch. Anyone can now get a smart, informed second opinion on their outfits in exchange for $199.99, although this thing obviously does a lot more than that.

For starters, “everything you love about Alexa” is included, from alarms, timers and reminders setting to weather forecasts, news updates, personalized schedules, management of to-do and shopping lists, music streaming, and smart home device controls, all enabled by voice via a built-in microphone array.

The same mic lets you easily order the Echo Look to take photos and record 6-second videos of your “daily look” to help you build “your own personal lookbook.” A 5MP camera with Intel RealSense SR300 technology for depth-sensing support, alongside special LED lighting and computer vision-based background blur, aim to “make your outfits pop”, while Amazon’s in-house AI agent uses an increasingly advanced set of skills to perform so-called “style checks.”

The feature at the very top of the Look’s key selling points can compare two outfits based on a number of factors, including color, styling, fit and current trends, providing detailed explanations of which one works best on a certain occasion.

You can also get suggestions of shoppable items pairing well with clothes you already own, not to mention various tips from Amazon, Vogue and GQ in the Echo Look app, and a Collections feature for organizing your closet by category. Bottom line, this is a must-buy for fashionistas that also like to pay attention to emerging tech trends.

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