Amazon Echo Look integrates Alexa into style-oriented camera

In addition to potentially listening into everything you say, Amazon’s hoping that you’ll want it to look at what you’re wearing. The e-marketplace launched the Echo Look, a combination smart speaker and camera powered by its digital assistant, Alexa.

In addition to being able to do everything a regular Echo speaker can do, such as inform you and place Amazon orders, you can command Alexa to use the integrated camera with four-LED flash to take a picture or video. The device is mountable through a standard tripod socket, so you could theoretically bring it around on fashion shoots. Yep, fashion shoots.

Unlike other such products that focus on home security, the company is framing this product for styling purposes, allowing you to track your outfit trends and keep note of looks you’ll want to go back to.

Pictures get sent to a linked smart device, where users can interact with the media. A portrait mode will blur out the background to focus your attention on the clothes while the Style Check feature gives a second opinion of outfits through a combination of algorithms and Amazon’s “team of experienced fashion specialists.”

Prospective buyers must request an invitation to buy the $199.99 product at this stage.

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