Crazy rare deal lowers Amazon Echo price to $130 from $180 MSRP

Two whole years after the wide US launch of Amazon’s first-generation Echo, smart speaker competition is slowly heating up and product diversity is growing at a solid pace. The touchscreen-rocking Echo Show is just a couple of days away from its commercial debut, followed by the Siri-powered Apple HomePod and various Cortana contenderssomewhere down the line.

Let’s not forget about the recently updated (software-wise) Google Home, which uses Google Assistant voice integration to control smart home appliances, wirelessly play music and make hands-free phone calls, all at a lower price than the standard Echo, or even on the house if you get the device alongside a Pixel or Pixel XL under certain conditions.

No wonder the “full-sized”, display and camera-lacking Amazon Echo is offered at a cool discount all of a sudden, dropping from a $180 MSRP to $129.99. Likely for a limited time only, given how hard to come by this was just a little while ago, but either way, you’re looking at an exquisitely rare deal here.

The last time we’ve seen the home automation hub sold for a similar price (identical, to be exact) was almost a year back, and in June 2016, a $135 refurbished unit seemed like a decent bargain.

Times haven’t changed that much since then, and to put today’s $129.99 Amazon Echo listing in perspective, let us just point out the smaller, less capable Tap also costs 130 bucks.

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