Smartwatch lovers can get hefty discounts on many Fossil Q variants on Amazon

As always, Amazon is the busiest and one of the most generous e-tailers around for the entire duration of what’s now universally known as the “Black Friday Deals Week.” Forget one or two days, or even the “Turkey 5”, which was another term coined by the American e-commerce giant to describe the extended holiday shopping period.

It’s also wise not to rely exclusively on Amazon’s eye-catching promotional banners for the next few days, as there’s simply not enough space for all the website’s compelling deals in the limelight.

A number of heavily discounted Fossil Q wearables are among those decidedly flying under the radar, and although smartwatches have lost much of their appeal lately, these feel too affordable and look too pretty to be ignored.

We’re talking “hybrid” smartwatches, i.e. devices lacking touchscreens and other fancy features, available starting at a measly $59 or so. Also, premium, versatile and “connected” gadgets like the Fossil Q Founder, Wander and Marshal fetching as little as $93.

That’s right, you can buy an Android Wear 2.0-powered watch for less than a Benjamin if you hurry. At $93.40, you get a Q Marshal with a classy genuine leather strap or Q Founder Gen 2 in a sportier version including a white silicone band.

The Q Founder Gen 2 is incredibly affordable when paired with a stainless steel band too, setting you back $97 instead of a $275 MSRP, while various Q Wander Gen 2 models fetch anywhere between $97 and $110 with an assortment of silicone, steel and leather straps.

As far as hybrids go, you can’t go wrong with a manly $66.50 Fossil Q Crewmaster Gen 2, lady-friendly $59 Q Tailor Gen 2, or gender-neutral $61 Q Grant in dark brown leather.

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