Amazon bundles Essential Phone and 360 Camera at $399 for Cyber Monday only

Android (co-) founding father Andy Rubin was way too ambitious when forecasting the Essential Phone would be ready to ship to its earliest adopters within a month of an official announcement, and again when he expected the handset to sell at $699 after such a lengthy delay.

The “edge-to-edge Full Display” device saw its already modest mainstream appeal badly harmed by a series of controversies and widespread performance issues, but following a number of software updates and sweet discounts, it’s now hard to look away from the 5.7-incher.

You can clearly still do better in terms of design, camera quality, overall system speed and even software support at the original price point. But if you hurry, the Essential Phone and its Essential 360 Camera companion can be yours for a whopping 300 bucks less than the handheld’s solo list price.

You’re looking at one of those super-limited Amazon “Deals of the Day” here, so you need to act fast. It’s 20 hours and counting at the time of publication, which means the extra-special combo price expires at midnight PST.

Because this is a startup company that had great difficulty shipping both its rookie smartphone and 360 cam add-on, it’s probably not wise to count on discounted inventory lasting so long. Especially if you’re thinking of purchasing the “Pure White” flavor.

That’s right, you can even choose between a Pure White and Black Moon Essential Phone to pair with the “world’s smallest 4K 360 degree camera” at an unbeatable price of $399 all in all.

Best Buy isn’t quite as generous as Amazon this Cyber Monday, but the unlocked 128GB Snapdragon 835 handheld is sold at a massive markdown there as well. Namely, for $449.99, 360 Camera included, or half the “normal” price of the two gadgets.

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