We might be just weeks away from Amazon’s announcement of a screen-rocking Echo

Amazon’s invite-only Echo Look “hands-free camera and style assistant” pretty much came out of nowhere, with speculation of enhanced Alexa-powered smart speakers over the past six months or so hinting at phone calling features and touchscreen-sporting variants that are yet to materialize.

But at least the latter product, purportedly codenamed Knight, is still decidedly in the pipeline, according to “a person familiar” with the Seattle company’s release plans speaking with CNET today on condition of anonymity.

While Bloomberg’s inside report on this same device from November mentioned a 7-inch touchscreen with a relatively high degree of certainty, the fresh rumor stays mum on size, and the well-connected “person” can’t confirm touch support either.

What the mole is able and willing to share with the world is the likely announcement timing of the “Knight.” Apparently, Amazon wants to take the wraps off this thing sometime next month, although it’s all still subject to change.

The reason we may see an Echo with a built-in screen and possibly also a camera launched sooner rather than later is obviously the rising popularity and continuously improving set of Google Home skills. Meanwhile, Apple is rumored to be cooking up its own Siri-based smart speaker with a camera, so Amazon would definitely be wise to rush the adoption of video chat capabilities and online shopping enhancement to make the Echo a “must-have item for homes.”

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