Amazon wants to put Alexa on a pair of normal-looking smart glasses next, rumor has it

The world’s largest online retailer has definitely had its ups and downs trying to branch out into several divisions of the consumer electronics industry, failing miserably with the Fire Phone while selling millions of Kindle e-readers back in the day and carrying that success into the tablet market.

But Amazon’s greatest hit is undoubtedly the Alexa-powered Echo family of smart speakers, which basically saved the Seattle company’s Lab126 research and development department in addition to starting a trend gradually adopted by everyone from Google to Apple and Microsoft.

Encouraged by the completely unexpected popularity of the original Echo device, Amazon expanded the lineup with Dot, Tap, Look and Show derivations, also bringing Alexa support to the full range of affordable Fire slates.

The natural next step is a rookie wearable effort, according to trusted inside sources, but don’t expect a voice-commanded Echo Watch to be released anytime soon. Instead, Amazon’s first smart glasses could well be announced by the end of this year, and they sound very straightforward.

They’re unlikely to cost a small fortune too, lacking the actual head-mounted display of the failed consumer Google Glass Edition or advanced augmented reality capabilities of that oft-rumored upcoming Apple product.

There will be no miniature camera either, if current speculation pans out, just bone conduction transmission of sound for hands-free and headphones-free Alexa interaction. That’s right, these plain-looking (in a good way) spectacles should be able to let you communicate with your helpful digital assistant whenever, wherever, however, simply by wearing the thing on your face.

Oh, and apparently, Amazon wants to launch its own home security camera before long too, displaying live footage on the Echo Show without the need for any third-party hardware.

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