We may find Amazon Alexa in a microwave and in many other devices this year

Amazon is always looking to add diversity to its product lineup and now it seems that it also plans to integrate their digital assistant to these new devices. Alexa is one of the most used digital assistants nowadays and according to a new report from CNBC, we might start seeing it unexpected places.

Amazon Alexa is usually present in the Amazon Echo smart speakers, in the Fire devices, and in some smartphones. A new report states that Amazon plans to release at least 8 new devices that are going to include Alexa. These devices include audio components, ovens, washing machines, and a microwave. Now the question is whether or not these new devices are going to be able of being activated by voice commands. We are also supposed to see a toaster oven next year, around June and other second-generation devices. To be honest, it would be cool to just say, Alexa make popcorn or warm up my food and that’s it. Of course, you’d still need to put stuff in and take it out of the microwave which kind of spoils the fun.

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