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We could have always-on screen mode with the new Apple Watch Series 4

By Samuel Martinez September 4, 2018, 10:48 am

The Apple watch is without a doubt the best smartwatch in the market and it could just get better. One of the features that have been requested by a vast majority of its users may finally come in a not so distant future.

The always-on screen mode is something that has been a subject of desire for Apple Watch users. Now, we can believe that it’s coming. Some Redditors have found a Patently Apple link that states that they have been working on a burn-in solution. This problem is linked to always-on screen displays on OLED panels, and it’s one of the first and most important problems that Apple would have to solve before delivering an Apple Watch with this feature. The other issue Apple would have to figure out is how much power this feature would need to work, while still giving its users a long lasting battery life.

Now we only have to hope and wait. Maybe we could see this new feature in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4. You never know.


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