Allerta inPulse BlackBerry Watch Now Available

There have been many attempts at a smartwatch, providing people with a small display on their wrist that could act much like a smartphone but with a higher level of convenience. Instead of removing your phone from your pocket to check the weather, read text messages, or even make a call, you could just glance at your wrist watch and conduct the same functions. You might remember Microsoft SPOT technology which provided a framework for smartwatches, but the concept never took off. You might also remember Sony Ericsson’s LiveView product, which is still shipping. It provides an easy way to see notifications from your Android phone.

Add to the list the Allerta inPulse BlackBerry watch, now available for $149 or $199 depending on color option. It interfaces with BlackBerry’s notification service, allowing you to be alerted of new SMS, incoming calls, and new emails. The watch also takes the time from your BlackBerry, so it’s always exactly on the dot. While you can’t make calls from the watch, having the notification should provide freedom for BlackBerry users that constantly check their phone for notifications.

Source: InPulse

Via: PocketBerry

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