Well, he has done it again. Jon Prosser has recently published a new video on his YouTube Channel Front Page tech, where he gives us important details and what could be some of the first images of the new Mac mini with Apple’s new M1X chip.

He started by warning his audience that they will most likely want to get their hands on a new Mac mini after viewing his latest video. And he also suggests that we will get new hardware during the upcoming WWDC. He had previously mentioned this on Twitter, where he also went on to ‘confirm’ we may get the new 14-inch MacBook Pro during WWDC 2021, well, according to his sources. He also claims that Apple could be preparing to brief the press immediately after WWDC about the MacBook Pro.

Now the new Mac mini M1X is expected to arrive with a new design. Let’s remember that the first model with Apple Silicon is not that different from its Intel counterpart. We get the same design on the outside, including the two USB-A, two Thunderbolt USB-C, HDMI, and Ethernet ports, along with the audio jack and power input, but it seems that things could change and we could get a smaller, more powerful Mac mini.

Prosser shows us a monster in a smaller package. The new Mac mini could arrive with a slimmer design. Its circular base could also be replaced by a pair of rubber strips like the ones we could get with the new MacBook Air. We could also get more ports, four Thunderbolt ports, and the same magnetic power connector that’s found in the recently launched M1 iMacs, but unfortunately, no SD slot.

The air vent would now be moved from the back to the bottom of the device. And the metal plate on top could be replaced with a plexiglass-like material on top, which would be on top of the aluminum enclosure. These new changes could also give us more color variants, but take this with some salt. But to make things even better, the new Mac mini could come with the same specs as the upcoming MacBook Pro, meaning we could get up to 64GB RAM, a 10-core CPU, 16 or 32 graphic cores, and more.

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