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Alleged Android 13 features surface

By Sanuj Bhatia December 23, 2021, 4:15 am
android 13 tiramisu pocketnow Source: Pocketnow

Even though it's been only two months since Android 12 started rolling out, and the first major upgrade to it hasn't even come out of beta yet, the alleged features of the upcoming Android 13 have leaked. The report comes from the reliable Android-related sources XDA Developers and AndroidPolice who claim to have uncovered some of the features that will be a part of the Android 13 update.

Panlingual per-app language settings

According to a report from AndroidPolice, Google is developing a feature for Android 13 which it will call "Panlingual". This feature will allow the users to keep a per-app language basis allowing them to set the particular language for a particular app. For example, a user on Android 13 will be able to keep Spanish as the default language for messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger whereas the user will be able to keep the phone's system UI and other apps in a default English setting.


The report says that a new ”App Languages” setting will be added to the "Language & input” in the Android settings. Users will also be able to set a default language for the app through the ”App Info” page. Though many apps offer this setting on their own, this feature will be built as a part of Android so the developers don't have to add it on their own. The publication also believes that Google could make use of Android 12's translation API to automate the process of translating an app's resources without the developer manually updating their app to support the feature.

Full support for Bluetooth Low Energy Audio

Another feature that has been leaked by XDA Developers says that the Android 13 will bring "full" support for Bluetooth Low Energy Audio. Although Bluetooth LE Audio API has been added to Android 12, "there’s still work to be done to enable full support for Bluetooth LE Audio," says the report. Popular Android reporter Mishaal Rahman spotted that Google has added LC3 codec type (LE Audio) for Bluetooth A2DP in Android settings. LC3 offers high-quality audio over low Bluetooth data rates. Mishaal suggests that this codec "should be ready" for the next major release: Android 13.

Via: XDA Developers, AndroidPolice


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