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Alleged 3D-printed iPhone 12 shows off new design

By Anton D. Nagy December 24, 2019, 8:00 am

There were rumors that Apple will return to the iPhone 4 design with the iPhone 12, and now we get what appears to be a first (very rough) look at how that might turn out.

This is not a toy phone, even though it looks like it. It is allegedly a 3D-printed iPhone 12 (its Pro Max iteration), and it seems to show off some rounded corners and flat sides.

While Macotakara has a good track record with leaks, this particular one isn’t backed by the Japanese website. It is only showing off this 3D printed model that is allegedly available on China’s Alibaba. Knowing all of this, keep a healthy dose of skepticism before you hit play on the video below.

Source: Macotakara

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