All three 2019 iPhones could go with OLED screens, according to ‘multiple’ inside sources

Integrated by Samsung into the Korean company’s flagship mobile devices since the very inception of the Galaxy S smartphone family back in 2010, the advanced OLED technology only expanded to Apple’s iPhone lineup last year.

Although the beginning was slow and hesitant, as the iPhone X took longer than the LCD-sporting 8 and 8 Plus to reach stores, with limited supply available at launch, the consensus among industry pundits, analysts and leakers is two OLED upgrades will be released this fall.

Some even expect the oft-rumored 6.1-inch LCD variant to also end up equipped with a superior organic light-emitting diode panel, but that’s not a particularly realistic prediction. Instead, a gradual transition could go down, with a 2018 OLED duo to be followed by a 2019 OLED trio.

That’s at least according to “multiple” anonymous sources cited by South Korea’s Electronic Times, claiming Apple has “recently started planning for next year’s iPhone lineup and is likely to adopt OLED display for all the three new models.”

Obviously, these plans can change between now and the fall of 2019 multiple times, hinging among others on Samsung’s ability to further ramp up display production and LG’s ongoing modernization and diversification efforts.

If the Cupertino-based tech giant is indeed thinking of nixing LCD iPhones entirely as early as 2019, it’s pretty obvious suppliers like Japan Display and Sharp will suffer the most. The two seem far from ready to switch their focus from LCD to OLED technology and actually manufacture enough of the latter screens at Apple’s standards to remain valuable and valued partners.

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