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All-screen iPod suggested for 7th gen product, could be fake news though

By Anton D. Nagy March 8, 2019, 10:00 am

iOS contains icons for Apple products, and, as we’ve witnessed in the past, beta versions of iOS can hint towards future products. This was the case with the iPad Pro, and it could very well be the case with the 7th generation iPod, if this report is accurate. A certain Johnathan Mitchell claims to have found the icon below (right) in iOS 12.2 Beta 4, allegedly depicting the next iPod.

If this information is legit, we might be looking at an all-screen iPod. There are clearly no bezels, no buttons, just a plain generic outline, which could indicate an all-screen iPod, or, worst case scenario, the icon is a placeholder.

The icon on the left is reportedly the 6th generation iPod on its way out. Now, adding to the controversy, is Guilherme Rambo’s tweet, who claims that Mitchell’s icon is a fake. Further investigations by Twitter users uncover the obvious: the icon on the right, allegedly for the new, all-screen iPod, is not centered, as it should be. This is something Apple would not create, say users on Twitter.

So, for now, we advise you to keep skeptical about this particular story, regardless of where you read it. Until further proof, let’s table this as fake shady.

On the other hand, with Apple moving away from buttons and bezels, it would make sense to release a product similar to the iPhone Xs. That, however, might need a notch.

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