All of Wikipedia with No Internet Connection: WikiPock

Earlier, Chuong posted about WikiPock, which is a program that lets you put all of Wikipedia onto your device via a storage card (of size 4GB).

Why would you want this, considering Wikipedia has a mobile site? It’s for the times you don’t have an internet connection (like when flying), or for those that don’t pay for a data connection.

We got a chance to use the program, as shown in this video. The interface is very simple, and all of the 2.8 million articles are well indexed so that as you type your query, you get results on the screen. Once you tap on a match, the article comes up quickly, and you can navigate forwards or backwards as you continue to read more articles.

The pricing is quite reasonable. It starts at $9.99 if you have your own storage card. If you want the company to send you the program on a 4GB storage card, it will cost $20. Eight languages are included in all versions: English, German, French, Polish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Also, it works with WinMo touchscreen and non. For more on pricing, check out the WikiPock page.

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