Planning to keep HTC’s all new One launch countdown open in a dedicated browser tab for the next four days? Already putting your cash together on the chance that these announcements of launch-day retail availability pan out, and the phone could be in your hands by this time next week? We don’t blame you for your excitement, and this evening we’ve got a couple new finds to tease you with, as we see Verizon getting its ducks in a row for the new One’s launch.

The pic you see up top was already pretty cropped by the time it came our way, but while we don’t get a good look at the case itself, the accessory’s packaging is clear enough.

Below we have what appear to be Verizon marketing materials for the all new One, and this time the case is plain to see. The unusual dotted design has us thinking about Lite-Brite, and mostly matches a render @evleaks leaked a little earlier this month (further down) – the big difference we see is an (awkward-looking) cutout for the front-facer.

While the image depicted here is new to us, which would normally give it an air of legitimacy, it’s just the slightest bit odd to see that M8 name sticking around this late in the game; maybe this is something for internal use at Verizon, and future public-facing promotional materials will drop the “M8.” It’s a weird combination of the front part of that case design, but without the matching back – perhaps an early stab at promo graphics? Or heck, maybe it is fake.

new-one-vzw-2new-one-ev-caseSource: Droid-life, phoneArena, @evleaks (Twitter)

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