We’re finally looking at matter of days – not months, not weeks – until HTC takes the stage and holds up the all new 2014 HTC One for us to finally get an official look. Even with as much that’s already come to light about the smartphone, we’re still itching to see this puppy formally launch, and we’re sure that Android fans the world around feel much the same way. When the time comes next Tuesday, we’ll have Pocketnow crew on the ground to bring you first-hand coverage from the company’s New York launch event, but if you’re also interested in seeing some of the action for yourself, HTC is setting up a streaming feed for you to enjoy.

Right now we see a landing page that counts down until the phone’s official launch. In just over five days, all those numbers will work their way down to zero, at which point the company’s live feed should kick into gear.

Again, if you can’t access the feed due to being at work or otherwise unable to pull up the video, fret not, as we’re going to be all over this thing as it happens, bringing you the latest details as they arrive. Will US carriers start selling the phone as quickly as UK retailers say they will? Has what we’ve been hearing about that dual camera arrangement been on-point? That’s not just a countdown to a live stream on HTC’s site: it’s a countdown to answers. And in just a few days, we’ll have them, ready to share.

Source: HTC
Via: Droid-life

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