All-in-one Windows Phone 7 Device Manager In The Works

Julien Schapman, the person behind the TouchXperiance project you might be familiar with from the old Windows Mobile days, is developing an all-in-one Windows Phone 7 Device Manager tool with lots of promised features.

After the Windows Phone 7 iteration of TouchXperience being teased, the current Device Manager project is a really bold one. While being compatible with all Windows Phone 7 devices, the computer application will allow to manage your device, install and uninstall sideloaded apps, explore the handset, transfer and sync files. Even more, it will also be able to unlock the device upon first connect without the need of the unlocker if it detects a locked/non-developer device.

There’s also a WiFi sync and transfer feature being teased to transfer files to the smartphone and back to your computer. Among the ambitions of the developer is also an open marketplace for non-commercial applications in case the project becomes popular and there will be demand. We’re wondering what Microsoft’s response will be?

Source: TouchXperience

Thanks: Chisom

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