More from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo as we’ve heard from him about iPhones old and small in investment note after investment note. This one follows on from a previous note talking about the 2017 iPhone, whatever it will happen to be called.

Kuo is following up on a branch he left concerning the main build material for that iPhone. Would it be ceramic? Plastic? Glass and metal? How about glass and glass? All-glass, even, as the analyst believes that the competition is aluminium-saturated at this point and that Apple will look to diverge from the pack it has been settling into and set the trend once again. Hell, everyone’s gotten tired of Apple and are taking cues from Samsung now.

Kuo is not worried about shattering chassis, given how the iPhone 4 generation had its glass tendencies.

There’s also another update to another big iPhone topic and that’s the display: we’ll likely see a thin and light AMOLED panel to compensate for the added mass introduced by this all-glass design. Yep, more OLED speculation to add to the pile. Maybe we should contribute something here…

So, how thin and light? Maybe to the point of flexibility? Samsung is reportedly being told to hop into overdrive on screen production, nay, flexible screen production. Both the build and the screen developments may tie back to a patent we saw some time ago where an all-glass iPhone would hold in a flexible OLED display that could either take up every wall of the interior surface or only one wall of the build with the other sides obscured for a more conventional device. Then again, it’s possible to make a thin, light and brittle OLED display, too.

It’s all fanciful 2017 talk in 2016 for us. Apple still may have a bitter pill to swallow in the meantime.

Source: 9to5Mac

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