‘All Chromebooks launching in 2017 and after’ will unsurprisingly support Android apps

The dream of one Google-designed operating system to rule them all may still feel distant and even unlikely, but Android and Chrome OS keep growing closer to each other, as tablets, especially those large-screened and high-end, probably approach obsolescence.

It’s hard to justify the existence of costly conventional slates when Chromebooks are so affordable, increasingly versatile and capable of accessing the Play Store to download and run a wide range of Android apps.

Eight months or so after the experimental Google Play debut on Chromebooks, there are still only three models that actually support mobile content for your big screen and physical keyboard. But the Asus Chromebook Flip, Acer Chromebook R11, and Google’s own 2015 Chromebook Pixel will soon be joined by dozens of other previous-generation Chrome OS products, as well as “all Chromebooks launching in 2017 and after.” All of them. Including post-2017 releases, so clearly, the search giant plans to keep at it for years to come.

While future Chromebooks, starting with Samsung’s stylus-wielding duo, Acer’s C731 and the Asus Flip C302, should be able to install official Android apps from Google’s Play Store out the box, a host of Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba oldies, to only name a few brands, will get software updates to enable this later on.

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