All Four US Samsung Galaxy S III Variants: First Test Shots

With the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III practically confirmed for all four major US carriers, we thought it would be fun to gather up test shots from their respective eight-megapixel cameras. Don’t expect anything you can print out and frame, though: the pickings here were decidedly slim, with most of the variants only offering up a handful of examples — none of which apparently took into account the subject nor quality of the image. Still, as with the first iPhone 4S test photo, there’s something fun about checking out images from unreleased devices that will soon sweep the country in what are likely to be unprecedented numbers.

Full size pictures are linked to the images below.



AT&T (SGH-I747)

Verizon (SCH-I535)

T-Mobile (SGH-T999)

Sprint (SPH-L710)

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