Sure, she might have to deal with final exams at Stockton University in New Jersey soon. And yes, coming into adulthood is a challenge we might all share. But with a name like Alexa Seary (yes, pronounced as “Siri”), she doesn’t think she has it that bad in life.

The jokes first started when Siri was introduced by Apple in 2011 as the voice-enabled assistant for iPhones.

“If I introduced myself with my last name people would always tie it to that,” Seary said to South West News Service.

Then came Amazon’s Alexa service in 2015.

“Mostly people just say, ‘Haha, I’m telling you what to do,’ and I’m like, ‘OK, haha, that’s a new one.’”

Unfortunately, the British commercial news service tilted tabloid with the characterization of Seary’s condition, calling her life “a waking nightmare.”

“I definitely never felt as dramatic about it as that [headline] makes it sound,” Seary later told NJ Advance Media.

She has an iPhone and uses Siri, but isn’t planning on getting one of Amazon’s Alexa-enabled Echo speakers anytime soon.

“If we had one in our house it would be a complete disaster. I would scream back every time someone said ‘Alexa’ automatically or vice versa.”

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