Alexa loses her voice only to find a new one in star-studded Amazon Super Bowl ad

“The Big Game” is almost more about hilarious commercials and high-priced publicity stunts these days than football, as companies like Amazon often spend a year’s worth of advertising money on making and broadcasting a single 60-second or so spot at just the right time.

Make that 90 seconds, and in order to ensure plenty of online buzz is generated ahead of the actual 52nd Super Bowl on Sunday, Jeff Bezos’ e-commerce giant decided to release its extremely entertaining new ad early on YouTube.

This definitely looks like it cost a fortune, featuring surprise appearances by foul-mouthed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, no-filter rapper Cardi B, flirtatious actress Rebel Wilson, and intimidating Hollywood legend Anthony Hopkins. Also, well, Bezos may have cashed a fat check himself for looking all worried and murderous while green-lighting a pretty risky Alexa replacement plan.

Said plan obviously fails in the apocalyptic scenario envisioned by Amazon’s Super Bowl LII commercial, but Alexa recovers her voice in time to restore the natural order of the thriving digital assistant universe.

Wait a minute, that’s a different Alexa! Just listen closely to her robotic tone at the beginning of the clip, and then compare that with the significantly warmer and more natural pitch near the end, when announcing she’ll “take it” from there. Yup, this AI is getting smarter by the day, and soon enough, it’s going to feel less weird communicating with “her.” Also, she will never verbally abuse you for not having a clue how to cook.

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