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Alert! This wallpaper can crash your Android phone and start a bootloop cycle

By Nadeem Sarwar June 1, 2020, 11:00 am

We’ve heard about malicious apps crashing an Android phone, a simple message exploiting a weird bug, and a ton of other such issues. The latest to join the list is a simple wallpaper that can cause Android phones to crash and initiate a bootloop cycle that renders the phone useless.

First spotted by leakster IceUniverse. the nature-themed image with a mountain vistas crashes an Android device if you set it as a wallpaper, especially Samsung phones. As per an XDA-Developers report, the issue arises because the image triggers a color space bug on phones running Android 10 or an older version.

The wallpaper in question uses the RGB color space, instead of the sRGB gamut natively supported by Android phones. As for the reason why the bug doesn’t work on Android 11 devices, 9to5Google explains that an Android 11 system automatically adjusts the color space if it is not natively supported.


A patch has already been submitted to the AOSP to fix the issue, while another method to avoid the bootloop is to manually convert the original RGB values of the wallpaper. But from what we’ve seen in many cases, don’t be adventurous and keep your phone and data safe.


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