Alcatel PLUS 12 Hands-on: A lot for less (Video)

Traditional slate-shaped tablets may not be coming back in style anytime soon (or, possibly, never), but convertible designs, with detachable keyboards, optional stylus accessories and LTE connectivity, are definitely making a greater and greater push for domination of the portable PC world.

The best thing about 2-in-1s nowadays is they can help more people than ever get work done on the move, covering many price points and market segments. The MWC 2017-unveiled Alcatel PLUS 12, for instance, is unlikely to cost as much as a Surface Pro 4 or iPad Pro, what with Intel Celeron inside, and a comparatively mediocre 1920 x 1080 11.6-inch touchscreen.

On the decidedly bright side, this still packs 4GB RAM, following in the footsteps of TCL’s smaller Alcatel-branded products with an overall premium build, elegant brushed finish at the back, as well as a versatile keyboard, seemingly offering a pleasant typing experience.

Of course, we have to refrain from more in-depth conclusions regarding durability, productivity and power until spending a little extra quality time with the Alcatel PLUS 12, its LTE-enabled keyboard attachment, and creativity-enhancing pen.

For now, we’re liking the design, the ports selection, and especially the “full” Windows 10 support.

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