Alcatel Onetouch Watch pre-orders are now open for just $150

One of the coolest gadgets we had the fortune of going hands-on with at CES 2015 was Alcatel Onetouch’s first wearable product, the Watch, and we were eager to learn more about it at the time – especially when exactly we’d be able to pick one up for ourselves. We’re getting those answers today, as the company has just kicked off the first sales of the ambitious device. Here’s a breakdown of Alcatel Onetouch Watch pre-orders.

Let’s address the elephant in the room first: the price. Yes, this device comes in at $100 below the base-model Moto 360, and $200 below the Apple Watch Sport’s cheapest configuration. It’ll cost you just $149 for a premium-looking round watch that works across both Android and iOS, which is exciting to see in a market crowded with expensive options. Currently, at the time of the starting of pre-orders, only the sporty black model is available; other variants will be made available later in the year.

While the Watch may opt-out of Android Wear or iOS, that doesn’t mean it isn’t fully-featured itself. It brings health monitoring (with heartrate tracking), built-in USB 2.0 charging, a 210 mAh battery (which Alcatel Onetouch tells us can go between 2 and 5 days on a single charge), NFC, and more. It doesn’t skimp on much, which is surprising, considering that the price tag remains modest.

Pre-orders are available at the source link below. If you need convincing before you make a purchase, here’s our initial hands-on video from our time with the device at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year in Las Vegas.

Source: Alcatel Onetouch

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