Alcatel Onetouch Watch hands-on: cheaper, smaller, just as round (Video)

If 2014 was the year that smartwatches started getting more legitimate, 2015 is already looking like the year that wearables mature even further. One of the first wearables announced in 2014 was by Alcatel Onetouch, a manufacturer that’s managed to fit a round screen (something that would have had our jaws drop had we seen it a year ago) into a chassis that stays ultra-affordable – at least, compared to other devices like the Moto 360. The company let us try out the product at CES 2015, so here’s our Alcatel Onetouch Watch hands-on and initial impressions video.

The Watch is distinct from the watches we saw in 2014 for a variety of reasons; it doesn’t stick with the tried-and-true methods we’ve seen again and again in the Android Wear world. For one, it doesn’t even run Android Wear, opting instead for a custom Alcatel Onetouch operating system. And it has hardware that we haven’t seen before in a watch of this class, a full microUSB port just one of those facets. It’s stuff like this that had us curious about the watch going in – does this sort of stuff really translate into a better smartwatch experience?

Until our full review drops, our Alcatel Onetouch Watch hands-on will have to serve as our best answer to that question. Watch the video below, and then drop us a comment letting us know what you think of the device – do you think you’ll be picking one up, considering the affordable $149 price? Or is it not even on your radar? Finally, go ahead and subscribe to our YouTube channel and social media accounts, as we’ve got lots more coverage coming from Vegas as our CES adventure continues.

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