Alcatel Onetouch announces Idol 3, its newest flagship

Here at MWC 2015, no holds are barred when it comes to smartphone launches. HTC just had its “Utopia in Progress” launch event kicked off, and now we’re on to the next thing, an entry from relatively new player Alcatel Onetouch. The company has announced today the Alcatel Onetouch Idol 3, the newest in its portfolio of devices.

The device comes in two models, one equipped with a 4.7-inch display and the other rocking a 5.5-inch variant, both with Technicolor Color Enhance tech improving the rendering of colors. There are dual speakers with JBL Audio’s Clari-Fi technology, as well as a 13-megapixel main camera with a “large aperture” to make it particularly adept at low-light imaging. There’s also a wide-angle (84 degrees) front-facing camera included. Rounding out specs, the 4.7-inch model has a quad-core CPU that will remain unnamed for now, as well as an HD screen. The 5.5-inch model upgrades to an octa-core CPU and a full HD screen. Both come running the newest Android revision, Lollipop, at launch.

One of the most unique Idol 3 features, though, is that it’s completely reversible. Alcatel Onetouch boasts that you can use it right-side up or the other way around, and the software/hardware combo will adjust to meet your needs.

Alcatel Onetouch hasn’t yet revealed pricing and availability details, but we will let you know should we come across that information.

UpdateThe company informs us that the Idol 3 will be coming to the United States in an unlocked flavor. Both models will be available in the company’s Amazon-powered eStore, with the 4.7-inch model for under $200 and the 5.5-inch model retailing for below $250.

Source: Alcatel Onetouch

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