Alcatel’s been taking major strides recently towards increasing its brand awareness, launching some interesting new devices and streamlining its name. One oft-overlooked group in particular it’s been reaching out to are Windows users, as it did with the launch of the affordable Fierce XL with Windows 10 Mobile. But while that was well and good for shoppers not too concerned with cutting-edge hardware, we’ve also been hearing whispers of a much better-equipped W10M handset, the Snapdragon 820-powered Idol Pro 4. Now we’re picking up some new details on its specs, and the picture keeps looking better and better.

In addition to that Snapdragon 820, this new source reports that the Idol Pro 4 will ship with a solid 4GB of RAM and 64GB flash storage. The Continuum support we heard mentioned before picks up additional confirmation (with the note that it’s “enhanced”), and in the camera department we might be able to expect a 22MP/10MP pair.

But not everything about Idol Pro 4 sounds quite as good as it could be, and we’re starting to wonder if we should be asking for more from its screen. When we were first told to expect a 1080p panel, that didn’t sound so bad, but now it sounds like we’re looking at a big six-inch screen size – which might work better with a higher-res display.

Then again, this source does suggest that it’s still possible Alcatel could swap that out for a quad HD component before launch, so perhaps everything really will come together nicely in the end.

So far there’s no word on a possible release date, but we do pick up the news that in addition to rumored T-Mobile sales, Microsoft should sell the phone unlocked.

Source: Nokiapoweruser
Via: MSpoweruser

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